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Archive of Contemporary Art - Snakes and Ladders 
100 years of exhibitions

I giganti dell’arte dal teatro J.Beck - S. Shimamoto - H. Nitsch

and J. Beuys

opening on invitation only 7 October 2017, 7pm
open to the public 8 October 2017, 10am – 5pm

With the idea of ​​creating an open space for artistic and cultural production, and education, Casa Morra - Archiviod’ArteContemporanea connects to the broader project of Quartieredell'Arte, which is moving in the Avvocata District to activate a process of renewal, redevelopment and urban enhancement through the practices of art and culture.

Located at the wonderful Palazzo Ayerbod’AragonaCassano, Casa Morra foresees a program of the next hundred years of exhibitions, to show the over one thousand works of Morra Collection, to create a house of ideas, a place where archives can be dynamic spaces in which the past blends into the present; related events to other art disciplines, from theatre to music, from cinema to performance, which can breathe life to new cultural and social developments.

The second year of Casa Morra - Archiviod’ArteContemporanea, the new museum area created by Giuseppe Morra to house his collection and, above all, to encourage research, reflection and experimentation on art contemporary languages, opens with the exhibition I gigantidell’arte dal teatro with works by Julian Beck, Hermann Nitsch and ShozoShimamoto, three artists who have tried the way of the theater to reach a total vision of art. At the same time, Casa Morra dedicates a permanent section to Joseph Beuys, an artist who finds in creativity the instrument of liberation of man, with works and documents from the collection of Lucrezia De Domizio.

From the body as a tool of political action of the revolutionary theater of the Living Theater to the tactile color of Hermann Nitsch's human theater; from the actions on the edge between joking and irony by Joseph Beuys to the use of color as a body capable of fragmenting certainties to renew the existing; the narration of Casa Morrafundamental thoughts continues, based on the idea that art is experience and experimentation, knowledge and driving force, the only instrument capable of causing changes to reality.

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